REM Fellowship

Fellowship Organization

We want to create a long term Fellowship and that’s the reason why each year we will rotate all the charges within by-laws rues to guarantee stability

We will have regular face to face local meetings were any fellow over the world can attend as they will be publish in our Site.

The Board or Directors will use the new technologies to meet and talk to each other, not creating unnecessary travel and stay expenses unless they decide to pay for it on their own

In order to maintain the principle of neutrality, a Member of the Board of Directors may not accumulate these responsibilities with Rotary positions at respective District, Regional or International level.

All Chairs at al levels, must be aware that it’s a simple Coordinating and Service position that does not imply any protocol or economical privilege

No member of the Board, Councils or Committees shall receive remuneration or payment of any expenses nor shall they have economic or protocol advantages for holding the corresponding charges. Any exception must be specially justified and previously approved by the Board of Directors.

In all cases to belong to the Fellowship must go through the process of selection and approval fellowship policy rules

All financials and treasury of any entity of the fellowship must be audited annually by an independent and outsourced company