REM Fellowship


Local groups will maintain a reasonable minimum number of meetings which permits keeping a reasonable and continuous contact between fellowship members and comply with the spirit of The Rotary Fellowship (the recommended frequency is a minimum of one per month).

The meetings will have an informal “Stand-up Scrum” type form but, in order to keep a uniform and executive standard level all over the world, must be held in an exclusive Club or similar and must be annually published on the website.,

Annually any member of the Fellowship must attend a minimum of 50% of their Local Group meetings locally or in any other all over the world

A “bulletin” board will be placed at the entrance where the assistants can write in a post-it the interests or needs that they bring to the meeting with their name, so that, it can be consulted by all the assistants and favor the interaction.

In 3 different colors: Needs, Offers, Other Questions

This plank will also be available for use at the National and International Level in the INTRANET of the Fellowship

Annually there should be a minimum of one Local Group dinner in which members could invite businessman they consider interesting for the Fellowship.

An annual meeting of the members shall take place at the RI Convention each year, or elsewhere as determined by the Rotary Fellowship’s Board of Directors