REM Fellowship


The main means of communication will be a PROPRIETARY SITE with an Intranet that only Fellowship members can use to speak each other, to publicize the different activities, or raise issues, needs or opportunities within their Fellows.

The SITE will be created and managed by an external independent company, defrayed by the fees of the Fellowship members,

This agreement will be audited annually by an external independent agency responding to the Board of Directors

It is encouraged to organize virtual meetings between different Local Groups by initiative and agreement between their respective Committees on specific topics of mutual interest.

Face-to-face meetings can be held between different Local Groups (of the same or of different countries) whose expenses must be paid by the members of the Local Group who attend

After each personal or virtual meetings the conclusions of the meeting should be sent to the management company of the site to be published as well as requests for help or offers that have been presented by the Rotarians, so that they will be known by the entire International community of the Fellowship.

The language used in all International communications will be English. Other languages ​​may be used in direct communications between partners or Local or National Fellowships